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50th anniversary of women police officers in the RCMP: Celebrating women in the RCMP

Women have made significant contributions to the RCMP throughout our history. In 2024, we’re celebrating 50 years since Troop 17 became the first group of women to take the oath to become regular members of the RCMP.

50th Anniversary of Women Police Officers in the RCMP: Our stories

This year, we're marking the 50th anniversary of Troop 17, the first group of women to join the RCMPas police officers. To commemorate this historic milestone, current and former employees are sharing their personal stories about the RCMP.

Female firsts on the Musical Ride

For most of the RCMP's history, only men were allowed to apply to the Musical Ride. Read about the trail-blazing women who joined and eventually lead this iconic team.

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