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The year 2023 marks INTERPOL's 100 years since its establishment.

Canada is a long-standing member and key contributor to INTERPOL's mission to prevent and fight crime through enhanced cooperation and innovation.

Did you know?

  • The RCMP has the National Central Bureau-Ottawa, which is the central connection between Canadian authorities and other INTERPOL member countries
  • National Central Bureau-Ottawa provides national law enforcement with access to INTERPOL's policing tools and services, including a wide range of global criminal databases
  • INTERPOL is the world's largest international police organization, representing 196-member countries
  • You can view and search public Red Notices for wanted persons

Success stories

Tanya Smith works for Canada's National Central Bureau-Ottawa, which serves as a conduit for INTERPOL member countries
  • Tanya Smith: "Working for National Central Bureau-Ottawa for 14 years, I've seen first-hand how important connections and partnerships are for combatting transnational crime. In a fast-changing world, new policing challenges are constantly emerging. I'm proud to be a part of this great team and I look forward to more exceptional work in the future."
  • In the first quarter of 2023:
    • A team of RCMP police officers, Public Service employees and Civilian Members travelled to the INTERPOL Secretariat General in Lyon, France:
      • The goal of the trip was to learn about INTERPOL's capabilities on an international scale
      • These efforts will enhance INTERPOL Ottawa's service delivery to its Canadian and international policing partners with the goal of keeping their homes and communities safe
    • The RCMP dedicated a team within INTERPOL Ottawa to actively pursue, locate, apprehend, and bring fugitives to justice:
      • This is in partnership with INTERPOL International Fugitive Round-up and Arrest (INFRA)
      • The team will focus on fugitives of the highest value to Canada and INTERPOL partners
      • This is an example of how the RCMP is committed to supporting its international policing partners while delivering innovative policing solutions to Canadian citizens
    • Sergeant Gavin Smith: “Fugitives may run, but we remain resolved in our relentless pursuit for justice. By collaborating with our partners around the globe, our aim is to make their world a smaller place!”
  • In the second quarter of 2023:
    • The INTERPOL Secretary General visited RCMP headquarters:
      • The Commissioner presented him with the first Challenge Coin of only 300 made, as well as a framed photo of the RCMP150 coin and the INTERPOL Centennial coin
      • The Secretary General enjoyed a visit around headquarters, including INTERPOL-Ottawa, the RCMP Operational Coordination Centre, and an exhibit of the BOLO Program
      • The visit was completed with an attendance at the Sunset Ceremonies to watch the Musical Ride perform
    • The first tree was planted on the grounds of the RCMP headquarters, in a series of 100 trees that will be planted over the span of 2023
    • The INTERPOL Ottawa Fugitive Apprehension Support Team assisted with several fugitive investigations in Canada and abroad:
      • April, 2023, a citizen of the Netherlands, wanted for trafficking over 900kgs of cocaine, was returned to Amsterdam and arrested upon arrival
      • May 1, 2023 in Toronto, Fugitive Apprehension Support Team participated in the launch of the BOLO Program's new Top 25 most wanted fugitives. Fugitive Apprehension Support Team is currently supporting several investigations related to BOLO Top 25 fugitives.
      • May, 2023, a Canadian citizen wanted for multi million-dollar fraud was returned to Canada from South East Asia
      • May, 2023, Fugitive Apprehension Support Team had RCMP Ident confirm the identity of a Serbian homicide fugitive attempting to obtain immigration status in Canada. This fugitive is now pending removal from Canada
      • June, 2023, the BOLO Program announced a $100,000 reward for information for Cody Casey. Casey is wanted by Vancouver Police for production and trafficking fentanyl and several other controlled substances. Fugitive Apprehension Support Team and the RCMP's International program are actively supporting the Casey fugitive investigation
Commissioner Mike Duheme salutes the Musical Ride as INTERPOL Secretary General Jürgen Stock stands beside him as guest of honour.
The INTERPOL-Ottawa centennial coin, on the left one side, on the right the other side.
INTERPOL Secretary General Jürgen Stock and Commissioner Mike Duheme plant a tree on the grounds of the RCMP Headquarters to kick off the planting of 100 trees for the INTERPOL Centennial
  • In the third quarter of 2023:
    • INTERPOL-Ottawa participated in the RCMP Open House, providing an information booth for the attendants.
    • The 18th Annual Heads of National Central Bureaus conference was held in Singapore. The INTERPOL-Ottawa director attended to discuss issues and opportunities.
    • The United Nations designated September 7 as the International Day of Police Cooperation. 2023 being the inaugural year, this day recognizes the essential work of the world’s law enforcement community in global security. INTERPOL-Ottawa invited external partners from various countries to the RCMP National Headquarters for a celebration.
The INTERPOL-Ottawa team, with external partners from various countries, celebrate the first International Day of Police Cooperation by planting a tree.
The INTERPOL-Ottawa team participated in the RCMP Open House event.
  • In the fourth quarter of 2023:
    • INTERPOL-Ottawa participated in the INTERPOL General Assembly:
    • Canada's head of delegation, Commissioner Mike Duheme, along with senior RCMP executives, attended the assembly to take part in the voting of major decisions affecting general policy, the resources needed for international cooperation, working methods, finances and programs of activities. During the event, the Canadian delegation had the opportunity to build relationships and share experiences with international key partners.
    • During the General assembly, Commissioner Duheme took the opportunity to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the Italian authorities in order to strengthen the international cooperation between Canada and Italy.
    • Following the General Assembly, Commissioner Duheme travelled to the INTERPOL General Secretariat in Lyon, France accompanied by the Deputy Commissioner of Federal Policing, among other representatives of the RCMP. They received a comprehensive overview of the various INTERPOL capabilities and systems in order to gain a better understanding of how the RCMP Federal Policing program can leverage INTERPOL services and capabilities to help deliver on the Federal Policing mandate domestically and on the global scale.
Commissioner Mike Duheme and the Deputy Commissioner of Federal Police, Mark Flynn, speak with another delegate at the INTERPOL General Assembly.
During the INTERPOL General Assembly, Canada's senior executives gained knowledge from global perspectives and can apply it to their work in combatting transnational crime.
Commissioner Mike Duheme understands the importance of global partnerships. He met the Director General of Chilean Investigative Police and other international counterparts throughout the INTERPOL General Assembly to build relationships and share experiences.

Centennial events and activities

  • National Central Bureau-Ottawa coordinated the planting of 100 trees to contribute to environmental efforts. The first was planted on the grounds of the RCMP Headquarters in Ottawa, Ontario by Commissioner Mike Duheme and INTERPOL Secretary General Jurgen Stock. The National Center Bureau-Ottawa finalized the planting of all other 99 trees during the 4th quarter.
Constable Phil Emond has been a police officer for 5 years with the RCMP. He joined to serve his community. He is currently posted with INTERPOL Ottawa.
  • RCMP's own Constable Phil Emond submitted a video for the INTERPOL Centenary global video contest for young police leaders. He answered the question "How will INTERPOL look like in next-generation global policing?"
    • Constable Phil Emond: "The future of INTERPOL must consider the digital transformation of society and, above all, keep pace with it. By staying connected globally, we can stay ahead of crime. I look forward to being part of INTERPOL's future!"
  • The INTERPOL General Assembly was hosted in Vienna, Austria in November 2023. Canada sent a delegation to the four-day event, which included Commissioner Mike Duheme.
  • 2023 also marked the first year that the world celebrated the United Nations-designated International Day of Police Cooperation set on 7 September, the day the International Criminal Police Commission was established.

Moving forward

A century of change has occurred. But INTERPOL's goal is the same: help police in member countries work together to make the world a safer place.

Moving forward in the evolution of global policing capabilities, National Central Bureau-Ottawa will continue to be the focal point for Canada in transnational crimes.

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