Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Report on the management of the RCMP conduct process 2018 to 2019

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  1. List of acronyms and abbreviations
  2. Why this report
  3. What we did
  4. What we found

List of acronyms and abbreviations

Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Why this report

In 2008, the Minister of Public Safety issued the Ministerial Directive on the RCMP Disciplinary Process. The directive requires the RCMP to complete annual reports on the management of the RCMP discipline process.

What we did

The report outlines the structure and processes governing the management of discipline within the RCMP, provides statistics and identifies common trends each fiscal year, describes successes and challenges, and outlines strategies to be engaged to resolve the challenges in the following year.

What we found

The findings demonstrate that:

  • the overall number of conduct cases decreased
  • less than 2% of members were involved in the conduct process
  • the number of reported harassment complaints decreased
  • the average time required to complete a conduct file decreased

In support of preventing contraventions before they occur and reducing the number of conduct cases, the RCMP launched a national awareness campaign aimed at raising awareness and educate employees on sexual misconduct, harassment, bullying and the importance of maintaining proper behaviour while using social media. The RCMP remains committed to providing a conduct process that meets the public’s expectations for greater efficiency, responsibility and accountability from its national police force.

You can read the full report here: Report on the management of the RCMP conduct process

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